About us

GMS, Grower Marketing Services Spain

is the worldwide company for quality produce.
The GMS working team is formed by qualified professionals with more than 23 years of experience in horticultural and large supermarkets consumer products, import-export.

We specialize in:

  • Avocado, Pineapple, Fruit powders and pastes.

The purpose of GMS is to jointly market all fruits and vegetables in the fresh market.

PineapplePineapple is one of the most consumed tropical fruits in the world after banana, orange and mango; Y given the favorable conditions of the tropical soil offered by the Latin American region, it allows us to offer a quality pineapple, as well as being able to offer it fresh in different formats ready for consumption.

Control over the entire production, packaging and logistics process allows us to offer an unprecedented service capacity in the market.
We offer the market a continuous offer throughout the year, planned according to your demand, and with the highest quality.
Our challenge is to achieve a production of vegetables and fruits of excellent quality that meet the needs of the most demanding internationally consumers.
All our production is obtained through integrated pest control and has the Leaf certification, which leads internationally the promotion of sustainable agriculture with a maximum degree of environmental respect.
Our demanding quality control also affects compliance with labor and health standards of our workers.
We have organic production at several locations and due the increasing demand GMS also offer flexible processing of fresh-cut products.

This production project seeks environmental and economic sustainability in the agri-food activity, as well as the commitment to increase the production of organic products.

Grower Marketing Services Spain, aims to raise the profile of Spanish horticulture family companies by encouraging a greater understanding of the industry and its importance to the Spanish economy.
Grower Marketing Services Spain, is advocate of co-ordination, collaboration and co-operation amongst Spanish and international growers.
GMS, represents growers with substantial areas of vegetables, fruits, cured Spanish Ham producers.
At GMS, we focus on working closely with our growers, producers and distribute directly to our worldwide customer base.

Management Policy

It is the policy of Grower Marketing Services Spain, that the quality and prestige of its products and services achieved in a long trajectory, be surpassed by the implementation of a Quality Management System, in which all the human potential of the company is involved. company with a specific objective, to offer our customers and stakeholders a current dynamic that increases the provision of services and products at the lowest cost.

The Management of Grower Marketing Services Spain

, to achieve the level of Quality that the market demands at competitive costs, proposes Quality objectives aligned with the Strategic Plan for the control and / or improvement thereof, which are periodically communicated to all personnel.

All staff must be aware of the need to assume a mentality aimed at a constant improvement effort and that our products reach a high level of performance and reliability in response to the existing high competition.


Our mission to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and stakeholders, articulated through an orientation to improve our service, with technical, commercial and administrative support.


We focus on the clear improvement of our processes, with the aim of achieving full expansion and presence in all national markets, and our long-term projection in the international market.


First, the task of improving is a management responsibility. Being the improvement a continuous process. When implementing the quality improvement plan, the commitment acquired by all the staff working at Grower Marketing Services Spain will assume fully from their position, the responsibility for the correct execution of the same, taking part in the preparation, realization and evaluation of the activities for the resolution of problems in Grower Marketing Services Spain. All staff of Grower Marketing Services Spain, will share the success of the company, due to the involvement of everyone in the process of continuous improvement. Our organization will be oriented towards customers, users and other interested parties both inside and outside the company. All departments must know and have the maximum information of our competitors. Our suppliers, both internal and external, must be involved in our Quality Policy. Special attention will be paid to staff training and education. We are committed to respect and enforce all legal requirements.